Optionswise Review

I understood that Options as an investment vehicle is more powerful, flexible and more complex than common stocks. There are more dimensions to it, since by itself, it can generate income in any directions i.e. in bullish, bearish and sideways markets. It can also help to protect, build and manage your stock portfolios. I had some basic understanding of how Options worked, through reading other books and real trading experience, and wanted to learn intermediate strategies. I was cybershopping at Amazon.com and chance upon this book called "OptionsWise How to invest sensibly" by Wai-Yee Chen. This book shows you the right way to invest with Options using the four typical investor characters that you can identify with. In it, you can find information about:

- Why use Options and introducing the four OptionsWise investors

- Key concepts of Options
- Protect Portfolios through hedging strategies
- Build Portfolios using single Options strategies
- Optimise returns and manage risks through combination strategies
- Portfolio management
- Implement your investment plan
- Avoid certain mental traps


I like to recommend this book as a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about trading options beyond the basics. The author, Head of Derivatives for Asia in RBS Morgans, clearly explains all examples of Options strategies used in every chapter which reflects the investment objectives of her four main characters. The scenarios, risks are highlighted and exit strategies illustrated for every invested situation. The best thing is, I have gained more investment ideas and have executed a number of profitable trades after reading this book. Get it now by clicking the icon on the right.

— Raymond Heng