Neuroinvesting Endorsements


“NeuroInvesting boldly breaks new and critically important ground in the fields of investor psychology and strategy. By combining cutting-edge neuroscience with a deep understanding of the mind of the investor, Wai-Yee Chen insightfully probes the nuances of how to effectively create winning portfolios. NeuroInvesting represents a major advance in practical investment psychology and strategic decisionmaking, as well as significantly developing the application of neuroscience to enhanced self-control and awareness. Reading and reflecting upon this work of Wai-Yee Chen will significantly enhance any investor’s ability to trade with confidence, intelligence, and perhaps most importantly, wisdom.”


— Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD

Research Psychiatrist
University of California, Los Angeles
author of 'You Are Not Your Brain and The Mind & The Brain'




“This thought-provoking and adroit book provides a masterful synthesis of many fields of research. Wai- Yee Chen cogently weaves together relevant areas of neuroscience, psychology, and investing to provide an illuminating analysis of investment related to the economy. A great read!”


— John B. Arden, PhD

author of Rewire Your Brain:
Think Your Way to a Better Life